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Liam offers private readings through Spirit Mediumship. He also provides platform demonstrations at various spiritualist churches. 

Liam offers readings at his Canton office on a weekly basis, and during Women of Wisdom's Psychic Faires.  

As a Spirit Medium, Liam connects people with their loved ones (and sometimes pets, angels, ascended masters and spirit guides) who are in Spirit and delivers messages of healing, love and guidance.  

Life and love ARE continuous!  After we pass from this life, love and friendships remain intacts as do our personalities.  They carry over to the Higher Side of Life (Heaven).  Our souls constantly evolve and progress, as our loved ones and spirit guides surround us, eternally, on both sides of the veil.  

Our loved ones and spirit guides are always around us, to provide support, direction, protection and love.  They want us to know that we are never alone in this world or the next.  

Please see the page on the left for our cancellation policy.  

* Please Note:  Liam's appointment costs have increased as of January 1, 2014, to $60 for a half hour and $120 for a full hour. *

Mediumship Circles

Liam runs both beginner and advanced Mediumship Circles, on three Thursdays of the month. The beginner circles are open to anyone who is interested in furthering their own spiritual growth and mediumship abilities. The advanced circles are open to working mediums and mediumship students who have completed an advanced level course.  

Even if you don't intend to do Mediumship professionally, the Circles provide exercises that strengthen and enhance your own intuitions and your relationships with your loved ones and spirit guides.  

Mediumship Classes

Liam also teaches Mediumship classes at Women of Wisdom, in one day workshops.  

Special Events

Liam also hosts Special Events, including Seances, Seminars, and Charity Events periodically.  For more info on these Special Events, including how to sign up, please visit the News and Events page.  

"For those who understand, no explanation is necessary.  For those who don't understand, no explanation will suffice."  ~ Emma Heathcote-James

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